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Even within its 18­month RDA lifetime, the WG has seen its work already being adopted: ● Fifteen organisations (including representatives of publishers, data centres, registries, and global service providers) have contributed over 1.4 million data­literature links into the system. ● The proposed long­term approach to sharing information about the links between the literature and research data (the “SCHOLIX” model) is adopted by CrossRef, DataCite,and OpenAIRE. ● Europe PubMedCentral has adopted the DLI metadata standards to describe article/data links in their system, such that the DLI can harvest these links and include them in the service. This paves the way for fuller interoperability between that system and the DLI. ● The RD­switchboard, which was delivered by the RDA WG “Data Description Registry Interoperability (DDRI)”, is ingesting links from the DLI to combine with other content sources to obtain a more comprehensive network of connected scholarly entities. ● The WG received an ad­hoc request to provide a listing of related data for a set of articles. This was delivered using the DLI’s OAI­PMH interface. In addition to this, a number of data repositories are currently exploring how to connect with the DLI system to offer a “related publications” kind of functionality to users of their web portals. Any party that is interested to explore the current corpus of links in the DLI system can freely connect with the system using any of the existing services (web portal, OAI­PMH delivery, or API connections).