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Publishing Data: Cost Recovery for Data Centres

  • Co-chairs: Anita de Waard (The Netherlands, Elsevier), Ingrid Dillo (The Netherlands, DANS and WDS-SC), Simon Hodson (UK, CODATA)
  • Outputs of the WG: available here
  • Case Statement: available here
  • Group Forum: available here                            

©reynermedia/Flickr There is concern that basic funding of data infrastructure may not keep pace with increasing costs. And there is a need, therefore, to consider alternative cost recovery options and a diversification of revenue streams. In short: who will pay for public access to research data?

The Working Group proposes to make a contribution to strategic thinking on cost recovery by conducting research to understand current and possible cost recovery strategies for data centres. The Working Group will pay particular attention to data centres’ involvement in data publishing activities and examine such initiatives as a potential source of alternative revenue.

Outputs of the WG are available here.