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Certification Outputs

The Working Group produced three deliverables, two of which have been adopted as RDA Recommendations, whilst the third (the testbed report) will be posted for Community Review soon.

Catalogue of Common Requirements

The Common Requirements were updated and finalized according to the testbed (see below). They include an introduction on the benefits of certification, a background, all guidance text, and a glossary.

Note: The Common Requirements have been adopted by the Data Seal of Approval (DSA) and the ICSU World Data System in place of their current catalogues, and are now being taken forward as the Core Trustworthy Data Repository Requirements.

Common Procedures for Core Certification

The Common Procedures outline the joint certification process agreed by DSA and ICSU-WDS to certify both new candidates and their existing communities using the new Catalogue of Requirements. This document represents the initial stage in forming a framework for core certification by the two organizations.

Common Certification Testbed

The deliverable was a collaborative effort to establish a common testbed and board of reviewers towards the practical implementation of the new Catalogue of Requirements developed by the DSA–WDS Partnership WG. Since the process itself cannot be shared as a tangible output, the below report is the embodiment of the deliverable, describing the purpose and methodology, the general consequences from evaluating the results, as well as an in depth look at comments received and highlighted issues.