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Publishing Data Services Case Statement

The Working Group (WG) follows on from the RDA–WDS Publishing Data Services WG. The original working group established demonstrator services enabling infrastructure. The follow on working group will support the “hardening” of that infrastructure and services as well as an increase in the number of participating hubs and services. The original working group established an interoperability framework. The follow on group will provide further specification, documentation and profiling of that framework to support adoption by link contributors and consumers. The original working group established a consensus among large infrastructure providers and early adopters; the follow up group will extend that consensus to the next stage of adopters and to a more diverse set of infrastructure providers. The original working group harnessed the energy and interest of specialists; the follow up group will provide support for a number of communities and services as they implement and adopt the framework and vision established in the original group.

Terms of Reference

The WG will enables a comprehensive global view of the links between scholarly literature and data.  It will leverage existing work and international initiatives to work towards a global information common. To achieve this, the WG will have multiple roles:

  • Oversee and guide the technical development of Hubs and Services as well as elaborate the Scholix  framework
  • Create coordination and governance materials
  • Assist with the engagement and community buy-in and adoption.
  • Communicate broadly on the initiative

Deliverables and Milestones

The Scholarly Link Exchange Working group aims to enable a comprehensive global view of the links between scholarly literature and data.  The working group will leverage existing work and international initiatives to work towards a global information common by establishing:

  • Pathfinder services and enabling infrastructure
  • An interoperability framework with guidelines and standards (see also
  • A significant consensus
  • Support for communities of practice and implementation
  • Better understanding of current data-literature interlinking landscape viewed from the perspective of e.g. disciplines, publishers, repositories etc.


By the end of this 18 month WG period there will be:

  • A critical mass of Scholix conformant hubs providing the enabling infrastructure for a global view of data-literature links
  • Pathfinder services providing aggregations, query services, and analyses
  • Beneficiaries of these services accessing data-literature link information to add value to scholarly journal sites, data centre portals, research impact services, research discovery services, research management software, etc.
  • Operational workflows to populate the infrastructure with data-literature links


The Chair/Co-chairs and members of the WG are appointed by the WDS-SC. Its membership will be reviewed every two years by the WDS-SC during one its biannual face-to-face meetings.


Initial workstream leads and Co-chairs:

1. Technical

  • technical specs and docs (Paolo Manghi)
  • hub development and interoperability (Martin Fenner)
  • Scholix service development (Jeff Grethe)

2. Community

  • publisher (Iain Hrynaszkiewicz)
  • repository (Ian Bruno)
  • general outreach (Fiona Murphy)

3. WG Coordination

  • WG program oversight (Wouter Haak)
  • WG component integration (Adrian Burton)


Initial members are coming from the existing working group on an opt-out basis; they will be asked again if they want to join this newly formed working group by e-mail following the RDA Plenary 8th.

 Ex officio:

  • Rorie Edmunds (WDS-IPO)
  • Mustapha Mokrane (WDS-IPO)


Participation of members of the WDS-WG is voluntary. Administrative support is provided by the WDS-IPO. This includes organizing online meetings (GoToMeeting) and providing an online collaborative space. The WDS-IPO cannot provide financial support for travelling nor for any other costs. Face-to-face meetings will be organized as the opportunity arises at international conferences, and participants will be expected to fund their travel and expenses through their own organizations. Additional grants might be secured by the WDS-IPO or its partners to support the activities of the WG.


The Chair/Co-chairs will be responsible for the agenda of WG meetings agenda and for calling those meetings. They will report the WDS-SC Executive Committee regularly; at least twice a year on the occasion of the biannual WDS-SC face-to-face meetings.

Term and Review

This WG activity and its continued operation will be reviewed in Oct 2018

Download the full Case Statement here.