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Coordination and Support of International Research Data Networks

oecd wds report coverOpen science is being advocated by policy makers in many countries and by international organisations as a way of increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of public investment in science. A critical foundation for open science is access to research data (data that is used and generated by public research) that needs to be provided in such a way as to be readily re-useable for further research and analysis. This access needs to be sustainable over the long-term and uninhibited, insofar as is possible, by national, disciplinary, or cultural barriers. It is dependent on individual data repositories at the institutional, national and disciplinary levels and on coordinated international networks of these repositories.

In October, 2015, the OECD Global Science Forum (GSF) and the World Data System partnered on a project to inform policies to promote open data for science focused on internationally coordinated data networks. The overall aim of this project was to identify principles and policy actions that can enable the establishment and maintenance of effective international data networks that are necessary to support a global open science enterprise. It was agreed at the outset that a case study approach should be adopted to build on the experiences of existing data networks across different scientific domains and regions. The potential benefits of conducting this project in collaboration with relevant international partner organisations were also explicitly recognised.

Many individuals across the World have shared their knowledge and expertise to realise this project. An international Expert Group, co-chaired by Sanna Sorvari (WDS Scientific Committee) and Andrew Treloar has overseen the project and the writing of the report. Other experts from a number of data networks generously shared their experiences via telephone interviews and many of these and a number of additional stakeholders participated in the workshop in Brussels. 

The report was published on 8 December 2017 and is available on the OECD Library:

Another project was also commissioned by OECD-GSF on business models for sustainable data repositories in partnership with CODATA, which builds on the work of the WDS-RDA Working Group on Cost Recovery for Data Centres and is the subject of a separate dedicated policy report.

The report was published on 8 December 2017 and is available on the OECD Library: