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Webinar #6: Web-Centric Solutions for Web-Based Scholarship (July 2015)

Herbert Van de Sompel

July 2015

Speaker: Dr Herbert Van de Sompel

@hvdsomp Scientist and Team Leader, Digital Library Research and Prototyping Team, Research Library, Los Alamos National Laboratory, Los Alamos, USAProfile

Over the past fifteen years, my perspective on tackling information interoperability problems for web-based scholarship has evolved significantly. My initial work, including OAI-PMH and OpenURL, started from a repository-centric approach. It took into account the existence of the Web, but merely piggyback on it. Starting with OAI-ORE, the approach became web-centric and started to fundamentally embrace the Architecture of the World Wide Web and related technologies. This shift is characterized by an approach that consists of first translating a problem related to scholarly information interoperability to a problem for the Web at large, next devising a Web-centric solution at that level, and then bringing it back to the scholarly Web. I have come to consider this Web-centric approach not just as a design choice but rather as an essential component for sustainable Web-based scholarly infrastructure. In this webinar, I will illustrate this shift by means of design patterns from various interoperability efforts, including Open Annotation, Memento, ResourceSync, Signposting the Scholarly Web, and Robust Links.