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Webinar #4: Combining High Performance Computing with High Performance Data to enable Data Intensive Science

April 2015

Speaker: Dr Lesley Wyborn (Adjunct Fellow, National Computational Infrastructure, Australian National University)

Lesley WybornThis webinar presented experiences and lessons learned at the National Computational Infrastructure (NCI) of the Australian National University (ANU) to manage and make major research data collections discoverable and interoperable. Use of international standards for discovery and interoperability allow complex interactions within and between the collections. Efficiently scaling and adapting data and software systems to petascale infrastructures requires the collaborative development of an architecture that is designed, programmed and operated to enable users to interactively invoke different forms of in-situ computation over complex and large scale data collections. This design facilitates a transdisciplinary approach to research and enables a shift from small scale, ‘stove-piped’ science efforts to large scale, collaborative systems science.