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Webinar #10: An Introduction to the DSA–WDS Common Requirements

Webinar 10 - IngridAugust 2016


  • Ingrid Dillo
    WDS Scientific Committee & Data Archiving and Networked Services, The Netherlands—Profile            

The ICSU World Data System and the Data Seal of Approval (DSA) both offer core certification standards for trustworthy digital repositories across all of the Sciences. However, whilst the catalogues of criteria and review procedures of both organizations are based on the same principles, the two standards have evolved and operated independently.
Since 2012, a Working Group consisting of representatives from both organizations has explored and developed a DSA–WDS Partnership with the objectives of realizing efficiencies, simplifying assessment options, stimulating more certifications, and increasing impact on the community. Its outputs have been a set of harmonized Common Requirements for core certification of digital repositories that is drawn from the DSA and WDS catalogues of criteria, as well as Common Procedures for their implementation.
The new Common Certification Standard is to be adopted by the two organizations, and integrated into their tools and systems, before the end of 2016, and a joint announcement of this is planned during International Data Week 2016 (11–17 September 2016; Denver, Colorado). In this Webinar, Ingrid Dillo (WDS-SC Vice-chair) will give a background and introduction to the Common Requirements; in particular, WDS Regular Members will transition to the new DSA–WDS Common Requirements as they renew their certifications from October.