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Webinar #1: The PREPARDE Project

October 2014

The Peer REview for Publication & Accreditation of Research Data in the Earth sciences (PREPARDE) project aimed to investigate and provide guidance on the policies and procedures required for the formal publication of research data, ranging from ingestion into a data repository, through to formal publication in a data journal. It also addressed key issues arising in the data publication paradigm, such as how does one peer-review a dataset, what criteria are needed for a repository to be considered objectively trustworthy, and how can datasets and journal publications be effectively cross-linked for the benefit of the wider research community.
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Presenter: Fiona Murphy, Publisher, John Wiley and Sons Ltd.

The inaugural WDS Webinar was given by Dr. Fiona Murphy, the WDS Member Representative of John Wiley and Sons Ltd. (WDS Associate Member) and a member of the WDS Data Publication Working Group. Fiona presented on the outcomes of PREPARDE; a 12-month JISC-funded project that looked to summarize the processes necessary to publish scientific datasets. The below synopsis provides more details on the content of the talk.


PREPARDE brought together a wide range of experts in the research, academic publishing and data management fields both within the Earth Sciences and in the broader life sciences. It produced general guidelines applicable to a wide range of scientific disciplines and data publication types for the accreditation of data repositories for formal data publication and for the peer-review of data. It also captured and analysed the workflows required to publish data, both from a repository and journal standpoint.

Stakeholder interaction was a major part of the project. In total, the project organised three workshops on the three main project themes: workflows and cross-linking, repository accreditation and peer-review of data. It also created a data-publication jiscmail mailing list where people interested in data publication can discuss issues and share information. Given its scope, we are keen to continue the development of the recommendations, as well as the outreach work so are still active in community building. Ongoing activities include involvement with the WDS–RDA Interest Group on Publishing Data, input into policy making processes such as the EU consultation on open research data, and plans for future events to expand involvement by key stakeholders.