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2014 Members' Forum

The 2014 WDS Members' Forum took place on Sunday, 02 November 2014 in Lecture Room III of the Jawaharlal Nehru University Convention Centre, New Delhi.

Over 70 people—Representatives of WDS Member Organizations, the WDS Scientific Committee (WDS-SC), guests keen to learn more about ICSU-WDS—participated in this biennial business meeting, which took place at the SciDataCon 2014 venue on the day of the Opening Ceremony.

Topics for discussion in the Scientific and Plenary Sessions included the progress and next stages of the WDS Knowledge Network and Data Publication Working Groups, and the WDS Strategic and Implementation Plans. Moreover, Members supported a set of Bylaws for managing the daily affairs of ICSU-WDS, and agreed that all Regular and Network Members should produce a public report of their activities every two years. 

The Meeting Agenda with links to the relevant documents, as well as a list of Forum participants, can be found below.

Meeting Agenda

Scientific Session

09:00–09:10 Welcome
 – Opening Remarks by the Chair of the WDS-SC
 – Practical Information

B. Minster
M. Mokrane
09:10–10:45 The Future of ICSU-WDS
 – WDS Metadata Catalogue [Presentation] [Video]
 – Supporting Future Earth [Presentation[Video]
 – Data Publishing and DataCite [Presentation[Video]

W. Hugo
S. Harrison
M. Diepenbroek
10:45–11:00 Tea/Coffee Break
11:00–11:10 Proposal for Second International Polar Data Forum [Presentation] J. Fiddell
11:10–12:00 Oral Presentations Part 1
(Chair: R. Neilan)
 – Keynote: Service-based Approach to Connect Seismological Infrastructures: Current Efforts at IRIS DMC [Abstract] [Presentation[Video]
 – Long Term Geomagnetic Data Series in Indian Longitudinal Chain [Abstract] [Presentation[Video]

T. Ahern

V. Bhaskara

12:00–13:30 Buffet Lunch and Poster Presentations [Photo Gallery]
13:30–14:35 Oral Presentations Part 2
(Chair: F. Genova)
 – A South African Data Service: A presentation to the ICSU World Data System Members’ Forum [Abstract] [Presentation] [Video]
 – Last Two Year’s Activities of WDC–Ionosphere and Space Weather [Abstract] [Presentation[Video]
– Evaluation of the Global Terrestrial Network for Glaciers (GTN-G): Concept and Results [Abstract] [Presentation[Video]
– Organization of interdisciplinary research at WDC–Ukraine
[Abstract] [Presentation[Video]
– Providing Tools and Services for Data Usability as well as Accessibility [Abstract] [Presentation[Video]

L. Woolfrey

M. Ishii

S. Nussbaumer

K. Yefremov

S. Graves
14:30–14:40 Proposal for SCOSTEP–WDS VarSITI Workshop [Presentation] T. Watanabe
14:40–14:50 Tea/Coffee Break


Plenary Session

14:50–16:00 Topics for General Discussion 
(Chairs: A. Troisi & L. Woolfrey)
 – WDS Strategic & Implementation Plans [Presentation]
 – WDS Bylaws
 – Biennial Reports, Periodic Review of WDS Members & Online Publishing of Membership Applications [Presentation]
 – Any Other Business 

B. Minster

M. Mokrane      
L. Rickards
16:00–16:05 Closing Remarks B. Minster
16:05 Adjourn


WDS-SC members

  • See here for a full list of SC Members.

IPO Staff

  • See here for a full list of IPO Staff.

WDS Member Representatives 

The following Representatives of WDS Member Organizations were in attendance at the Members' Forum. For more information on each WDS Member, please visit their Profile through the respective Member category webpages given here.

  • Tim Ahern — IRIS Data Services (Regular)
  • Thierry Barusta — Environment Climate Data Sweden (Regular)
  • Niels Batjes — ISRIC: WDC–Soils (Regular)
  • Sergey Belov — International Oceanographic Data and Information Exchange (Network)
  • Veenadhari Bhaskara — WDC–Geomagnetism, Mumbai (Regular)
  • Olga Caprotti — Committee on Electronic Information and Communication (Associate)
  • Robert Chen — Socioeconomic Data and Applications Center (Applicant)
  • Tyng-Ruey Chuang — Fish Database of Taiwan (Regular)
  • Dave Connell — Australian Antarctic Data Centre (Regular)
  • Klaas Deneudt — Flanders Marine Institute, Data Centre (Regular)
  • Eugene Eremchenko — Data Centre for Geography, Moscow (Regular)
  • Julie Friddell — CCIN–Polar Data Catalogue (Applicant)
  • Sara Graves — Global Hydrology Resource Centre (Regular)
  • Simon Hodson — CODATA (Associate)
  • Mamoru Ishii — WDC–Ionosphere and Space Weather (Regular)
  • Toshihiko Iyemori — WDC–Geomagnetism, Kyoto (Regular)
  • Reyna Jenkyns — Ocean Networks Canada (Regular)
  • Siri Jodha Khalsa — National Snow and Ice Data Centre DAAC (Regular)
  • Kerstin Konitzer — Environment Climate Data Sweden (Regular)
  • Yukinobu Koyama — WDC–Geomagnetism, Kyoto (Regular)
  • Jared Lyle — Inter-university Consortium for Political & Social Research (Regular)
  • Shyamoli Mukherjee — WDC–Geomagnetism, Mumbai (Regular)
  • Masahito Nose — WDC–Geomagnetism, Kyoto (Regular)
  • Samuel Nussbaumer — World Glacier Monitoring Service (Regular)
  • Hampapuram Ramapriyan — NASA ESDIS Project (Network)
  • Robert Redmon — World Data Service for Geophysics (Regular)
  • Suresh SanthanaVannan — Oak Ridge National Laboratory DAAC (Regular) 
  • Daisy Selematsela — WDC–Biodiversity and Human Health (Applicant)
  • Eefke Smit — International Association of Scientific, Technical & Medical Publishers (Associate)
  • Anatoly Soloviev — International Union of Geodesy and Geophysics (Partner)
  • Frank Toussaint — DKRZ: WDC–Climate (Regular)
  • Arun Kumar Updhayaya — International Space Environment Service (Network)
  • Kehe Wang — IPS Radio and Space Services (Regular)
  • Ross Wilkinson — Research Data Alliance (Associate)
  • Lynn Woolfrey — DataFirst (Regular)
  • Lynn Yarmey — WDC–Colorado University (Regular)
  • Kostiantyn Yefremov — WDC–Geoinformatics and Sustainable Development (Regular)


The following guests were also in attendance at the Members' Forum.

  • Toshihiro Ashino — Toyo University
  • Asha Chandola-Saklani — Apeejay Stya University 
  • Michael Daniels — National Center for Atmospheric Research
  • Ingrid Dillo — Data Archiving and Networked Services
  • Tengiz Golashvili — National Research Nuclear University MEPHY
  • Jeongmin Han — Asia–Pacific Economic Cooperation Climate Center
  • Masaki Kanao — National Institute of Polar Research
  • Yassine Lassoued — University College Cork
  • Paul Laughton — University of Johannesburg
  • Alena Rybkina — Geophysical Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences
  • Lesley Wyborn — Australian National University
  • Anne Wilson — Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics
  • Koji Zettsu — National Institute of Information and Communications Technology

*Note: This was an open meeting, and we apologize if the above lists are incomplete. However, we would would like to express our thanks to all those who attended; especially to the local participants who joined the Forum.