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National Geoscience Data Centre

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The National Geoscience Data Centre (NGDC) is the UK national repository for geoscience data. It is provided by and co-located with the British Geological Survey’s (BGS) Informatics Directorate. The NGDC is one of the five NERC Environmental Data Centres (EDCs) funded to provide data centre functions and services across the range of scientific communities funded within the research council. The NGDC collects and preserves geoscience data assets primarily from NERC funded geoscience/Earth science research grants and programmes as well as those created by the Survey’s own scientific programmes, or received under statute. This includes an increasingly wide variety of data from global geoscience projects, collaborations and initiatives.

Member Profile

Organization Name National Geoscience Data Centre
Membership Type Regular Member
Member Since 02 Oct 2018
Organization Website
Host Organization Name British Geological Survey
Representative Name Alison Fernie
Address Envirionmental Science Centre, Nicker Hill, Keyworth, NG12 5GG
Network Affiliation NERC EDC

Updated:22 Sep 2020