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As a trusted national infrastructure for Ireland’s social and cultural heritage, we preserve, curate, and provide sustained access to a wealth of Ireland’s humanities and social sciences data. DRI was awarded the Core Trust Seal in 2018, building on our established role as a Trusted Digital Repository (TDR). The Digital Repository of Ireland is a research organisation with staff members from a wide variety of backgrounds, including software engineers, designers, digital archivists and librarians, data curators, digital imaging experts, policy and requirements specialists, educators, programme and project managers, social scientists and humanities scholars. DRI was originally built by a research consortium of six academic partners working together to deliver the repository, policies, guidelines and training. Core academic institutions continue to manage the repository and implement its policies, guidelines and training. These are the Royal Irish Academy (RIA), Trinity College Dublin (TCD) and Maynooth University (MU).

Member Profile

Organization Name Digital Repository of Ireland
Membership Type Regular Member
Member Since 22 Jan 2019
Organization Website
Representative Name Dr Aileen O'Carroll
Address Digital Repository of Ireland, Royal Irish Academy, 19 Dawson Street, Dublin 2
Network Affiliation Research Data Alliance; Core Trust Seal

Updated:22 Jan 2019