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OpenAIRE is an EU initiative (currently a consortium funded by a series of EU funding: OpenAIRE, OpenAIREplus, OpenAIRE2020) aiming to support and implement open scholarship in Europe. It achieves this through a socio-technical approach: a human expert network of 33 National Open Access Desks supporting researchers, libraries, national centers, and funders at the local level into policy formulation and implementation; a diverse set of value added services which aim to enable and accelerate open scholarship within all layers of the scholarly communication e-Infrastructure ecosystem.

Member Profile

Organization Name OpenAIRE
Membership Type Partner Member
Member Since 12 May 2017
Organization Website
Representative Name Natalia Manola
Address Department of Informatics & Telecommunications & ATHENA Research and Innovation Center, University of Athens
Country GREECE
Network Affiliation N/A

Updated:12 May 2017