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Template Agreement

Upon joining the World Data System, new Members must sign an appropriate agreement* with ISC addressing key issues defined by the WDS Scientific Committee (WDS-SC). This agreement is a declaration of the candidate organization's intention to contribute to WDS as a Member.

  1. Dependent on the organization's WDS membership category, download the relevant template Letter of Agreement (LoA) in Word format:

    Annexes to these LoAs can also be downloaded in PDF format:

  2. Adapt and complete the template LoA as indicated in the guidance to produce a Draft version.
  3. Electronically send the Draft LoA (in Word format) to the WDS-IPO for validation:

    Email to: IPO[at]


  4. After approval, send an electronically signed LoA to the WDS-IPO for countersignature (If multiple signatures are applied, the signed LoA must be sent by each signatory to confirm authenticity).

  5. The countersigned LoA will be returned to you.


* As stated in the WDS Constitution