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2015 Award Winner

The 2015 WDS Data Stewardship Award was won by

Dr Yaxing Wei
(Oak Ridge National Laboratory Distributed Active Archive Center [ORNL DAAC])

Dr Wei was presented with the 2015 Award and a prize at SciDataCon 2016.


Dr Yaxing Wei is a geospatial information scientist in the Environmental Sciences Division of the Climate Change Science Institute at ORNL who has demonstrated many exceptional contributions to scientific data stewardship in the Environmental and Global Climate Change Sciences. Dr Wei leads several tasks related to data standardization, integration, documentation, and management support for geospatial data informatics projects funded by NASA, the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), and the National Science Foundation.
At ORNL DAAC (WDS Regular Member), one of NASA's data archival centres, Dr Wei is responsible for curation of—and quality assurance for—Environmental Sciences data, and is leading the research and development of interoperability and standards-based data analysis, visualization, and distribution for cyberinfrastructure in the centre. Through his innovative data tools, the geospatial data usage and distribution of ORNL DAAC archived datasets have increased many-fold.
Since 2008, Dr Wei has provided dedicated data management support for numerous climate change research projects. An example is the Multi-scale Synthesis and Terrestrial Model Intercomparison Project of the North American Carbon Program (NACP), in which his significant contributions to data management and stewardship have facilitated scientific understanding and discoveries about the carbon cycle and climate change on global and continental scales. In this regard, Dr Wei is a key member of the terrestrial ecology community, where his interactions through ORNL DAAC and NACP are vital for addressing the data archiving and distribution needs of diverse data products.
Dr Wei also has scientific data stewardship activities in the area of renewable energy. He is directly involved in the development of Hydro Data Infrastructure for the DOE-funded National Hydropower Assets and Resources Assessment Project. In particular, he is spearheading an effort to create a web-based geospatial system to manage, present, and deliver U.S. national hydropower assets and resources for strategic planning and decision making. This tool visualizes the hydropower potential within the U.S. by assessing the current value of hydroelectric infrastructure, quantifying the amounts of energy that could be feasibly extracted, and providing an environmental attribution resource for the DOE Water Power Program.
Dr Wei is an active participant in the data quality, data provenance, and workflow communities of the Federation of Earth Science Information Partners (WDS Partner Member) and the NASA Earth Science Data System Working Groups, as well as in scientific communities such as the American Geophysical Union.